Friday, November 15, 2013

AASL13 Opening Address

A great address by keynote tony Wagner with poignant points that we have been championing for a while!     For those who haven't been able to attend AASL in Hartford, here's the bullets of the opening address: 

Tony Wagner  - Keynote speaker AASL 2013
Great points  assessing our “knowledge economy” and education:

·      One room  schoolhouse à factory model schools were recreated 100 years ago.  Now is the time to reinvent schools for the future.
·      Internet connected devices need to be leveraged for optimal use
·      Knowledge is free on the internet ….  
·      Knowledge is ubiquitous  -  White collar jobs are now reinvented
·      Radiologists and accountants functions are often done globally in India
·      Set of opportunities exists - Can your students create new opportunities?
·      World cares about NOT what they know but what they can do with what they know – skill and the will to acquire knowledge, solve problems
·      Persistence – skills – and will… how do we develop the “will” 
·      Growing number of kids prefer the internet over school to learn.
·      4 out of 10 like HS  - (8 out of 10 like elementary school) 
·      no one ever laughs at the questions they ask on Google
·      Internet allows kids to be the architect of their learning
·      Critical thinking and problem solving  - companies engage ALL of their employees to continually improve their product and services
·      Critical thinking is how to ask the right questions
·      Teach students how to ask the right questions
·      Virtually and collaboratively in the work world – they need solutions, not grades  
  •  Students do not know how to write with "voice"  - dull 
  • Access and analyze information necessary 
  • Memorization will not last – who cares what the 50 state capitals are?  
  • Test prep is not a curriculum 
  • We are relying too heavily on multiple choice tests and ranking they foster 
  • We want kids who can figure it out 
  • Economic crash – why is 70% of our economy based upon consumer spending (I.e. Shopping)  - That type of economy is not sustainable 
  • We have to become manufacturers again – of ideas 
  • We have to graduate kids who can solve problems – health care, education, economic, etc. 
  • Born curious   - what influences you afterbirth 
  • Interviewed successful people  -  all had 1 thing in common – they were outliers in their educational system.  
  • Celebrate – measuring independent achievement  - built collaboration in every assignment they gave.    Cultured schooling compartmentalized education when  problems need to be solved by a team  - 
  • Essential questions are imperative 
  • Failure is not the worst thing that can happen – we punish failure – we create "risk aversion"  when we punish failure  - No innovation without trial and error   (F is the new A…?)  We need to get rid of the F – If you show up and try you should not get an F… 
  • Lastly, motivation, will,  extrinsic motivation we rely on greatly.  Problem millennial students  are more motivated by wanting to make a difference rather than get an A 
  • How can we nurture the intrinsic motivation?  Passion 
  • Element of wimpy in every assignment 

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